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02.07.13 15:57 o´clock

The new Hanse 505

This summer promises to be more exciting than you ever thought possible! We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to take a first peek at our latest model with a wide range of surprising details.

After the successful model Hanse 575, which we presented last autumn and went on to break all previous sales records, we are now building on this success with a model for the 50 foot class. The result is the Hanse 505. And you are guaranteed to be impressed by this model too!

The new Hanse 505 replaces the previous Hanse 495 model and not only builds on the new focus in the Hanse models, but also stands for the implementation of new ideas overall. The Hanse 505 also sets innovative trends in the key areas of design, functionality, technology, performance, luxury and safety.

Its unparalleled exterior design with the elegant solid bulwark and the best cockpit in its class sets new standards. The two cockpit tables in the Hanse 505 can also be transformed into a protruding relax launch. The new model also includes the traditional Hanse large loading platform coated in teak and a wide range of flush-mounted light strips and portholes, which create an attractive look and provide lots of light and air below deck. The companionway has the familiar angle of 50 degrees found in the Hanse 575, which means that the inside of the boat can be entered comfortably with no need to duck. The steering columns are equipped with pods with space for a plotter and two instruments - a step to improve the "easy sailing" concept even further. 

New, modern deck lines with a flat structure increase the living space below deck considerably and provide an extraordinary level of luxury and comfort for the owner, his family and guests. The deck layout is based on the Hanse 575 with an increased sense of elegance and sophistication. Up to six cabins are possible, with a maximum of 11 berths plus lounge. On the port side, there is a choice between a large and spacious bath with shower and WC, a version with bunk beds, or a multi-purpose room, which can be used to house a washing machine, for example, or for additional storage space, work surfaces, life jacket cupboards or sailing clothing. The ship's interior is also based on its large sister ship, including the use of elegant materials on the paneling on the inner deck shell and the side walls, as well as the corner joints for all furniture made from solid wood - a rarity in boat series production! Almost 1,200 combinations of interior layouts, wood for the furniture and floors, upholstery and much more are available to create an individual design of the Hanse 505. Below deck, there is space for up to six comfortable cabins and up to three wet areas.

The new Hanse 505 not only sets trends - its concept will also set the standards in its class for the future!

Detailed information on the new Hanse 505 is available on our website

You can look forward to the new newsletter in two weeks, offering a wide range of additional exciting information, where we will provide you with the latest production status and even more details! The countdown has begun…